Working to protect and restore earth’s most valuable ecosystems



It all starts with your interest and decision to experience conservation with FishCat as an explorer and donor



Visit our Nature Reserves — we partner with landowners and conservationists who protect land as habitat for endangered species



Your repeat visits and donations incentivize conservationists and landowners to protect and restore ecosystems



Together, we create conservation-based livelihoods that ensure ecological and economic sustainability

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Our Goal

Is to empower global communities with conservation jobs that restore ecosystems, and help solve deforestation, extinction, and climate change.

We’re working with our landowner partners to create FishCat Nature Reserves for sustainability — featured below is one of our Nature Reserves

Nature Reserves
Ramakrishna — one of our land and mangrove crab farmer partners

Land Partnerships

We’ve created partnerships and established Nature Reserves located in Sri Lanka, India, and the United States

Below is a link that shows you the locations of these Nature Reserves. If you are interested in becoming our land partner and establishing your land as a FishCat Nature Reserve + Your Name, please email us.

Appa Swamy and his Father with James from the Big Cat Sanctuary

Relationships for Life

At FishCat, we’re a company of conservationists working to create sustainable jobs for conservationists.

If you are unable to visit our Nature Reserves, you can still support our work by subscribing to FishCat with as little as $10 per month.

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Wear ReShirt

Invest with our ReMerch — concept reforestation merchandise where each campaign is unique and links to the partner lands we are working to restore and turn into nature reserves.

Scan the merch and see how it works!

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Annual Reports

These reports include our Financial Reports, AZCC Reports, and 990 Filings for each year. Prior to 2018 and since mid-2020, we did not receive funding sufficient enough to create and publish full Annual Reports. For any questions and requests for specific reports, please email us.
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